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Cant connect i pad to my router

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Cant connect i pad to my router

I am trying to connect my I pad to my router the I pad picks up the wifi signal but wont accept my password, any ideas?

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Re: Cant connect i pad to my router

Welcome to the Forum @fordgranada

 I'm afraid - and you will have got there yourself already - the simplest cause of your problem would be that you are using the wrong password, or mistyping it. On the Plusnet card (that came with the router) there are two passwords: one for access to the router and one for the wireless network. It would be the latter that you need. Check for o & 0, I & 1 & l mistypes etc.

Moving on from that, what does the ipad say when you put in the password and tell it to connect? I was wondering if it connects and then drops the connection, or whether it never connects at all. Do you have anything else connected by wifi to the router? Which router is it?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Cant connect i pad to my router

Hello @fordgranada

Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems in connecting your IPAD to your wireless. It is most likely the password is being entered incorrectly or an issue with the device itself. If you are entering the correct password in can you try the following and let us know how you get on.


- Go to the wireless settings on your Ipad and forget your Plusnet network. Once done try connecting the device again.

-Try the device on a different wireless network and see if the issue persists there.


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Re: Cant connect i pad to my router

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