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Cannot email from my Macbook

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Cannot email from my Macbook

I have just bought my new Macbook and have tried to setup my pop3 email account.  I have set the details as per the setup guide and I can download my email but I cannot email out.  I have tried from my house where my internet connection is from Virgin and I have tried from my parents house which is plusnet.  It asks for my password when I try to send something but it does not accept it?
Any idea's
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Re: Cannot email from my Macbook

If you are using Mac Mail then note in the Plusnet instructions step 6 that "Use Authentication" should be unticked. This will stop the email software from asking for a password (as it is not required).
If you are not using Mac Mail then there should be a similar setting at the equivalent point in the other software.
The outgoing (SMTP) setting from Plusnet will only apply when connected via the Plusnet connection and you must use the Virgin settings when connected via the Virgin connection. It is possible to have more than one outgoing server setting and switch between them (if required).
The POP3 settings should work anywhere.