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Cable for charging tablet

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Cable for charging tablet

Current cable used for charging tablet needs to be replaced so I purchased one from a well known supplier only to find the amount of time it takes to charge the tablet is at least 3 times longer.

Checking on the internet it seems there are a lot of fake or cheap cables about and others have had the same problem as me regarding charging times.

Can someone recommend a supplier of genuine cables.

It's just a standard cable, usb plug at one end and micro usb at the other.

Tablet is a Samsung.


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Re: Cable for charging tablet

You'll get one at your local supermarket and if it proves duff take it back for a swap or money back.

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Re: Cable for charging tablet

I've been getting replacement cables from Poundland recently.


I have found that the black ones (1metre) work better and are more robust than the white ones (2 metre).

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Re: Cable for charging tablet

I use Anker cables, and for pretty much everything these days (battery packs, chargers and adapters)

Their kit is good quality and reasonably priced IME.
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Re: Cable for charging tablet

I buy there Smiley

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Re: Cable for charging tablet

Thanks for the responses and links,, will follow that up..



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Re: Cable for charging tablet

Anker and Lindy are a good choice. Lindy cables have never let me down, always to the exact specification.
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Re: Cable for charging tablet

I had a selection of 5 USB cables that fitted my Samsung phone.

I noticed that one of the cables gave a poor charging rate so I tested them all.

Over the 5 cables I noted 3 different charging rates so I marked the best one for use when charging my phone.

PS Not all the cables were the same length but the one that offered the fastest charging rate was the longest.

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