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Broadband usage getting worse

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Broadband usage getting worse

So mine are several days behind again, but checking what I am supposed to have used so far this month I see

Peak usage Off-peak usage: Total usage
Web 15.78GB 4GB 19.78GB
Email 3.39KB 1.01KB 4.4KB
Broadband phonecalls 8.44GB 715.58MB 9.16GB
Gaming 843.09MB 181.12MB 1.03GB
Streaming 22.08GB 15.59GB 37.68GB
PlusNet FTP 0KB 0KB 0KB
Peer-to-peer 428.8MB 639.39MB 1.07GB
Usenet 910.5KB 0KB 910.5KB
FTP (non PlusNet) 0.56KB 6.94KB 7.5KB
Other 514.99MB 163.87MB 678.86MB
Total usage so far 48.09GB 21.29GB 69.38GB
But I don't use email (other than webbased), gaming?  If games on Facebook are games, then maybe, but otherwise nope, P2P?  Nope, done none of that, Usenet?  No, none of that either, FTP?  Nope, none of that either... other.... maybe, depends what it is.
I've never seen these mysterious usage stats before, i.e. my gaming has always been zero, as has email and usenet... I'm thinking not only are my stats way out of date, but that infact some data assigned to me was never actually generated by me.
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Re: Broadband usage getting worse

I noticed this for the first time yesterday.  We NEVER game, so I'm not sure how we can have gaming usage and what exactly is included in "other".  Our usage is much higher than usual this month and when it increases, we can usually isolate it to some large downloads.  However, our usags has been normal this month, so I cannot understand how we are using our allowance.  I'm suspicious that somebody else is using our broadband - how could we check this?