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Broadband router question

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Registered: ‎09-12-2008

Broadband router question

I'm looking for a reasonably cheap broadband wired router (not ADSL router) that allows multiple WAN users with any old IP address to access the same LAN service (in this case Telnet).
I have used Netgear routers before and I like them, but the only options for WAN users that Netgear provides are all, single IP address or range of IP addresses. What I need is a router that forwards upto 10 or 12 arbitrary IP addresses.
I think unique port numbers for each WAN user and Port Address Translation would work, but I doubt PAT is available on low-cost routers.
Please note that the router must have an Ethernet WAN socket to connect to a cable modem. Many thanks for any help.
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Re: Broadband router question

Confused you want any old IP to connect so you are saying for example is this correct? If so I dont see why you would use strange IP for pc on a LAN explain