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Broadband on Working Lunch

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Broadband on Working Lunch 22 minutes in and talking about download limits - voice over 10 gigabyte limit  - screen cap as below
and Plusnet get a mention
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Re: Broadband on Working Lunch

somebody should tell thinkbroadband that my 10G Value pack is cheaper than O2
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Re: Broadband on Working Lunch

Maybe TBB recommended Be & O2 for their higher ratings. 4* and 3.5 * respectively. Plusnet received 3*. I am not clear what these ratings are based on.
O2 also scored higher than Plusnet in the latest Which? customer satisfaction survey.
Perhaps with the other ISPs one gets more extras for the money or perhaps they based their opinions on market 1 prices.
I noticed that Working Lunch abbreviated both Megabytes (MB) and Megabits ( Mb) to Mb..
Often one sees mb which would be millibits (0,001 bits). Anyone fancy an up to 8 millibits per second broadband service?
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Re: Broadband on Working Lunch

My BB used to feel that fast!  Crazy