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Broadband, home phone and mobile package

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Broadband, home phone and mobile package

Why has no-one thought of bundling up all the 'communication' requirements under one roof? It seems silly to me to have my phone and BB with PN and my mobile with Orange.
Surely PlusNet can overcome this and would reap the benefit from having all our communications under one simple bill?
Just a thought. Wink
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Re: Broadband, home phone and mobile package

Hi there,
It's a good question. Smiley
Virgin tried this if I recall right, but I think the mobile services were still somewhat disjointed.
BT still do all 3 together, under the 'Anywhere' product range I think, and 02 have also recently started.
Personally, I'd rather keep some services separate, it's very unlikely that any one provider can give the best deal across 3 or more services. We're pretty competitive on the broadband and phone front though. Wink