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Broadband Phone Issue

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Broadband Phone Issue

Am i the only one to get this? , i hope not so it can be looked at
I just used it to test my home landline, after 7 mins i went to cut it off but it would not. when it got to 8 minutes i shut the software down, still going, disabled LAN , still going, turned off my router, and all LAN connectors, still going
rebooted PC, still going
My landline was in the incoming call state for a further 18 so so minutes, my landline was silent and when i rang it it said i was on the phone ( and i got 1571)
I'm not bothered about the minutes i've lost as i'll never use them all anyway
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Community Gaffer
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Re: Broadband Phone Issue

Hi there,
Sounds like the issues we were having prior to the recent maintenance work. Are you using X-Lite? I've often found I have problems with the X-Lite software that I don't see with other clients/hardware.
I have seen what your describing before but it shouldn't be occurring all the time. I believe it happens when the Asterisk servers are keeping the connection alive.
BTW, I'd welcome this sort of feedback in the thread here following the recent Service Status.

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Product Team
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