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Boosting WiFI upstairs

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Boosting WiFI upstairs

I'm looking for a suggestion to boost my WiFi for Upstairs in my house does anyone have any recommendations, please? 

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Re: Boosting WiFI upstairs



1. Get a WiFi repeater. For: cheap. Against: It’s the luck of the draw if you can find a suitable location to install it.

2. Run an Ethernet cable upstairs and fix a Wireless Access Point on the end. For: will definitely work, fairly  cheap. Against: having to run the cable through your house.

3. Use Powerline devices with a wireless remote unit. For: ease of installation. Against: depending on your household wiring might not work very well, see

4. Mesh wireless units. For: with sufficient disks you can ensure whole house wireless coverage. Against: cost.

Everyone has their favourite, which they will promote. Only you can decide what’s right for you so I recommend that you do your own research.