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Best possible router?

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Best possible router?

Hi there,
I've recently had my broadband fixed by the engineer, cost me £60 and my problem hasn't been fixed. Now I am told by PlusNet that my internal equipment could be faulty and I don't want to have a router supplied by Plusnet as I think this is my third and the speeds are still awful.
I am looking to purchase a new router for £50. I am using a DSL connection but would like to have a fibre optic port so I can use fibre optic when it comes to my area. Any recommended routers would be helpful.
In my household, there is about 10 devices, Stream movies and Gaming, general browsing.
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Re: Best possible router?

An ADSL+Fibre router will be expensive - approximately the cost of two routers.
I've always found Netgear routers to be reasonably decent.
Do you have any extension wiring for phones etc?

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