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Best browser for security

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Best browser for security but using an old version of Firefox from a user comment
According to page 4: #
Chrome 12 (12.0.724.122)
Chrome 13 (13.0.782.21Cool
Internet Explorer 9 (9.0.8112.16421).
Firefox 5 (5.0.1)
Also interesting to note:
"As of July, 2011 a combination of Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox represent 93.4% of all users accessing the Internet [W3_Schools_Market_Penetration]. While other browsers would have been interesting to compare, in the interest of time they were excluded from this study."
So, test two versions of Chrome, but skip Safari and Opera, because they would take too long.

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Re: Best browser for security

Also Google sponsored this 'research' and a very old FF, I'm using 9 now!

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Re: Best browser for security

They left out Opera, which has historically had the best secuity track record of them all...    Seems like an intentionally knobbled set of results.
How can they claim that when Google sponsored it, and they excluded a browser that sits of the tree for security, that it's impartial.
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Re: Best browser for security

If we want to be really pedantic then I'd have thought by far the most secure browsers are ones like 'Lynx': or 'Links':
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