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Bargain Thomson ST585 v6

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Bargain Thomson ST585 v6

Hi All,
I went to a garage sale on Saturday, and found an "AOL Broadband Easy-Install Pack", featuring a "Thomson ST585SLv6 UK (AOL) Wireless Modem Router", still shrink wrapped, for £1 (one pound). I was pretty sure it would be locked to AOL, but maybe could be hacked, and anyway it was still very cheap for the two microfilters and Ethernet cable in the package.
There's no mention of AOL on the case, nor on the screen when I fired it up, and it was a doddle to enter my details and log on to Plusnet.
Now, I'm just curious. Plainly it wasn't shipped with AOL firmware, but would it have become 'locked' if I'd been daft enough to use the supplied installation CD?
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Re: Bargain Thomson ST585 v6

I'd be surprised if the installation CD contained much more than the user manual and some bespoke AOL browser stuff. I've never knon these units to be locked to a particular ISP but I could be wrong.

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