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Backup software.

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Backup software.

I could do with some advice about backup software.
For a number of years I have been using Acronis true Image with windows XP and found it to be an excellent program and simple to use, however it seems that the latest version is awful. If you look on comments left on Amazon the program gets a real slating and some of these comments are from experienced users. Most of these comments relate to backup of windows 7 so I am reluctant to purchase something that might not work.
I Have seen favourable comments about Macrium Reflect which comes with a free version or a professional version at a reasonable price, does anyone else use it or know anything about it.
What I am looking for is something simple that will make a full backup along the lines of Acronis.
I understand Windows 7 has it's own backup program with the facility to make a boot disk for emergencies so additional backup software might be just a waste of money but I would appreciate comments on this topic
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Re: Backup software.

I only ever use it as a boot disk - at least that doesn't mess things up.
Regarding Windows 7 recovery tool that has one major drawback it will only back up all the system partitions not just one of them.
Why you ask - because I have a dual boot with Vista on two different drives and it will only back up both partitions. That I could live with but reinstating the Windows 7 partition also replaces the Vista partition