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Back Scatter - cherished personal domain

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Back Scatter - cherished personal domain

On 31/1/23 I had thought I'd sorted the back scatter issue (via help from the forum). Unfortunately it's returned in the last few days. Do I sit this out or change my prefix currently mail@cherisheddomain,com  ? Or is there a further fix I can carry out ? 

Can I continue to reasonably assume that this is not a security issue. I've run Anti virus software and nothing has been detected. However, Plusnet suspended my citing potentially a compromised account and spamming activity. It appears that this was a generic email but has got me concerned again ! 

(My cherished domain is hosted by Plusnet)






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Re: Back Scatter - cherished personal domain

Back scatter is not something you can control. Sadly it’s possible for anyone with a bit of know how to send emails as though they came from - it’s called address spoofing.

Such emails sent to other harvested email addresses will hit addresses to which for a host of reasons cannot be delivered. Those non-delivery reports will be sent to your email address, not the sending service.

SPF is a mitigation method to inhibit address spoofing, but to be effective the receiving email service needs to assert the SPF restrictions. That you cannot control, even if you have configured a SPF record.

Assuming SPF is all in place … the spam non-delivery notification will simply be more back scatter. See

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