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BTHub 6

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BTHub 6

This hub has 2 channels 5 & 2.4

Can both channels be in use and if so how do I check to see if 2.4 is activated.

Problem is I am having issues with a Brother Laser printer and noticed a few posts on the internet which suggest this printer works on the 2.4 frequency.

Everything else such as tv, tablet, wife’s phone all work ok so I do not want to start fiddling with settings and end up with no connection.

The printer does have a option to input the BT password but it simply comes back as wrong password....used this password for other devices many times so not a mix up between capitals and small letters.

Reinstalled the Brother printing app which does not get a good review and also tried several other printer apps but no luck.

There is a facility for a wired connection so if all else fails I may have to resort to using that.

Anyone any ideas ?

This is not a air printer........Brother 3150 CDW.

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Re: BTHub 6

You might need to split the 2.5 and 5 bands, some IoT devices only connect to 2.4
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Re: BTHub 6


See step 12 here for splitting the bands it will also give access to the page that allows you to switch both bands on or off.

If you select the My Network tab in your router it will tell you which band you are using.


Yes you can use both bands and the Ethernet ports at the same time.

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