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BT wiring error

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Registered: ‎09-02-2013

BT wiring error

The incoming pair of wires to my master socket are not the usual Orange & White pair (and Green & Black pair unused).
My socket is wired with Green & Orange which must be an error but has always been thus.
It has no effect on phone use and probably dial-up but I get relatively poor speeds at my remote (2.5m) distance from the exchange.
I can't get PlusNet interested in having this corrected. Does anyone know how important this might be?
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Re: BT wiring error

It certainly has the potential to be detrimental to your broadband, since, as you've no doubt deduced, your master socket is not being fed via a twisted pair, and your line is therefore more susceptible to interference.
How detrimental would depend on the length of the dropwire, or the length to the BT joint if fed underground.
I'm surprised that PN are not taking this seriously. Hopefully one of the Digital Care Team will be along on the forum after the weekend to offer some assistance.
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