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BT "Snooping"

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BT "Snooping"
I trust that Plusnet are NOT doing this.
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Re: BT "Snooping"

Another reason for using your own router as it appears from the comments that almost every ISP who insist you use their router  has a backdoor into it
Assuming at least some of these customers have changed their admin password - this kind of implies that they have a back-door in to the BT homehubs, yes? If that's the case then anyone using a BT homehub on another providers network is also vulnerable.
I am on Be broadband, (in my opinion the best broadband provider I have ever had the pleasure to do business with) and with there own supplied router (a Thompson speedtouch,) it has its own back door enabled for the customer services team to access the router. they don't say they will scan your internal LAN or ask for your agreement too. but as the router remains their property I suppose they have the right to access it remotely.

I would just add that from previous posts it is quite clear that Plusnet have the ability to interface with the routers running their firmware otherwise they wouldn't have been able to remotely upgrade them
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Re: BT "Snooping"

With FTTC only given with a BT modem.  Is the said modem there to act as a big brother and monitor your browsing habits?  Wonder if anyone has checked if they are setup to call home.
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Re: BT "Snooping"

You only have to get the output of
arp -a
(run on the router, if it will let you) to get a list of MAC (and IP) addresses.