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BT Smart Hub 6 and DNS Addresses

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BT Smart Hub 6 and DNS Addresses

Having nothing better to do on a miserable Sunday afternoon I have been looking at the DNS addresses programmed into my Smarthub 6. I note that these are set to and As these are fixed I assumed that they would be locked to the original BT DNS addresses so was somehat surprised to note that these are listed by Plusnet as their alternative DNS servers. They don't feature in BT's list of DNS servers. Running GRC's DNS Benchmark identifies as being the fastest available to me but and Plusnet's default primary don't feature in the top 50 fastest available.

As I set my DNS elsewhere this is purely academic for me but I still find it quite interesting that BT or Plusnet has changed the default DNS servers on my Smarthub from BT's to the Plusnet alternative pair. Unless some-one else has a different explanation?

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Re: BT Smart Hub 6 and DNS Addresses

The DNS servers are not, I think, programmed into the 'Hub' firmware.  When you connect to your ISP the dialogue between your router and your ISP's equipment sets the DNS server IP addresses.  You have connected to Plusnet as your ISP and in so-doing the Hub has been told the IP addresses of Plusnet's DNS servers.