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BT Hub

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BT Hub

I guess there are a number of people on the forum who do not use PN as their ISP.

My understanding is that any model of BT Hub will only work with BT or PN.

So if you change providers then you need another make.

There are a number to choose from but if we narrow it down to....

A model that is easy to set up

Provides a similar signal strength to the BT hub

Can be used for any IPS that provides fibre broadband

Is a reasonable price

Has good ratings from users...

What would you recommend ?


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Re: BT Hub


Are you aware that some ISPs only allow you to use their own modem/ router so if you want a one size fits all solution them I fear that you will be disappointed.

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Re: BT Hub

All (consumer grade) modem/routers are easy to set-up.

Some, such as the Plusnet routers are nailed down to stop you using your choice of DNS etc.

They vary hugely in price - but that's because they are sold according to wifi capabilities.

If the wifi signal is strong enough for you, after going through a wall or two, then its probably OK.


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