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Just pondering here but...
At my university we get emailed whenever we hand in an assignment to confirm that the assignment has been received OK by the assignment room. The email is generated automatically and says this:
This is an Electronically generated message.  Please do not respond.  Please see attachment for list of assignments.  Please note this receipt could be for a manual hand-in / exam / test, therefore the receipt date may be different from the actual date.

Could this be classed as an unsolicited attachment - of the sort we are forever being told we shouldn't open? If not, surely the university should take a bit more responsibility in educating the users of the system about the risks of attachments, and just include the list within the body of the email?
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Re: Attachments...

No, it is not unsolicited.  You generate the attachment yourself by handing in an assignment.  There is a direct cause/effect relationship.
In any case, you know that the attchment comes from your University, so it is probably reliable.  It is attachments from unknown sources that you should be wary of.