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Attaching 4TB Drive to Hub One via USB

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Attaching 4TB Drive to Hub One via USB

I have just gone fibre, and was assured when purchasing, that my 4TB Toshiba drive would be good to go as a network drive when attached via USB. I managed to attach a small drive with no problem. Both are formatted  NTFS, but Hub One does not see the Toshiba drive when attached. Fingers crossed someone can give me simple step by step instructions?


Thanks in advance


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Re: Attaching 4TB Drive to Hub One via USB

At a guess I would say the hub one firmware is not compatible with Guid Partition Table format required for disks over 2TB.
The smaller drive will have a legacy Master Boot Record partition table which is why the hub one can read it.
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Re: Attaching 4TB Drive to Hub One via USB

What kind of speed would you get out of the Hub 1 <--> USB connection?

Is it just a USB2 connection?

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Re: Attaching 4TB Drive to Hub One via USB

Do a google on a Home Hub 5 USB Drive, its the same as the Hub One, its mot capable, I think its ok up to 64Gb - but do the search.

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Re: Attaching 4TB Drive to Hub One via USB

It can handle more than 64GB, I've used a 500GB drive on a Hub One.
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Re: Attaching 4TB Drive to Hub One via USB

If there is no data on the drive in question a quick test for that would be to repartition the drive as MBR [with the partition only covering 2TB or less] and then seeing if the Hub One can see it. If so then that's the mystery solved.

If not then it's something else, and more diagnostics are needed.

My bigger concern is that the Hub One is deeply insecure and plugging a HDD with all your data into it to share on your network is asking for it to be a) stolen b) erased c) altered d) all of the above.
You are far better off using a dedicated NAS with proper security, which will also be a whole lot faster.

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