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Asus Router Wifi Power

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Asus Router Wifi Power

Interesting situation.

I have a Asus RT-N66U after reading the reviews here. It's working fine, had it over a year now, but the wifi power seems low.

Not having any real issues but my neighbour (not attached house) has BT and their wifi signal is slightly more powerful than mine according to Android Wifi Analyser.

I've moved my channels (2.4 and 5) away from theirs but I find it odd that they are showing a stronger signal through 2 exterior house walls and a double driveway width than my signal in the same room and with line of sight.

The old firmware used to allow manual wifi power tweaking but it's now auto since the last 2 firmware updates.


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Re: Asus Router Wifi Power

What are the actual signal levels?

The maximum transmitter power output should be the same for everything, it's subject to regulatory restrictions.

In some ways, the exact signal strength and whether it's stronger than something else or not is not particularly important, provided it's sufficiently strong to get to where it's needed.

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Re: Asus Router Wifi Power

Is it worth exploring Tomato (custom router ROM)?  Might give you a bit more control: