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Asus RT-AC68U - Wireless band isolation

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Asus RT-AC68U - Wireless band isolation

I got myself an AC68U from Asus today and already raised a support call with them to see if they can come back to me in a timely manner!
The wireless is configured with two SSIDs that have the same name. One is running on 2.4Ghz and the other 5Ghz
If I connect my Macbook to the wireless it correctly connects to the 5Ghz band and shows a Tx rate of 1300 Mbps as well as confirming it is on is on 802.11ac
I can then connect another wireless device which connects in on the 2.4Ghz network
Both clients have their IPs via dhcp and are within the same subnet on the LAN
Unfortunately these two devices on the different wireless bands are unable to communicate with one another. Pinging from either device to the other times out. Where if I plug one of them via ethernet then they can then see one another and ping successful
This looks to be some form of wireless band isolation but I can't find anything in the GUI for disabling this, if it is enabled!
The below setting is the only one I can find and it is currently disabled
Set AP isolated: The Set AP isolated item prevents wireless devices on your network from communicating with each other. This feature is useful if many guests frequently join or leave your network. Select Yes to enable this feature or select No to disable.
Just wondering if there any owners of this unit on here or someone else who may have experienced something similiar
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Re: Asus RT-AC68U - Wireless band isolation

under advanced wifi setup there should be a check box for client isolation, uncheck it and your devices should be able to communicate fine Smiley
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