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Asked to Help an elderly relative

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Asked to Help an elderly relative

I am a PN customer and have been asked to help my Father-In-Law who is suffering problems with his internet. I must point out that he is NOT a PN customer but at 84 he is having little joy with his provider and phones his daughter most days in tears of sheer frustration.

I hope it is OK for me to ask some general questions on the best way to proceed.

FIL was promised a minimum guaranteed speed of 2.5MB. On install his sync speed on his modem dropped to around 0.3Mb after several calls to his provider  (where they assured him the problem was in his house wiring) they sent a OR engineer who checked the cable from the pole to his house (and fixed something), replaced the external wiring on the house to the master socket. The profile was reset and voila sync of 4.0MB.

The modem has been dropping connection daily since, sometimes recovering a connection within a few minutes sometimes taking hours. The sync speed is very bad again and when he doe have a cooection he still sometimes can not even load a speedtest webpage.


The modem has now been replaced and the profile reset, however he is now back at a very slow speed again (well below the company's guaranteed minimum) 

House wiring has been checked and modem tested in master socket with nothing else connected. But he is now again being told that the problem is basically his house wiring.

I know the techies on here are both knowledgeable and helpful and wonder if someone could assist with any suggestions of how best to proceed with rectiftfication of my Father In Law's problem..


Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated.


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Re: Asked to Help an elderly relative

Hello there.

If the sync speed is slow in the test socket (behind the faceplate of the master socket) then that check rules out any internal wiring issues, so it may be worth asking the provider to arrange for another engineer to further investigate making sure it’s a broadband engineer they’re sending out. Sometimes known as an SFI visit (Special Faults Investigation).

I hope this helps,

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Re: Asked to Help an elderly relative

Moderator's note:

Moved to Tech Help as it is not a Plusnet service issue.

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