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Apple T.V home share - frequent disconnections

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Apple T.V home share - frequent disconnections

My 17 year old has bought an Apple T.V today with his birthday money, Having set it up, we've found out that we're not able to use Apples home share for anything for much more than 5 minutes, before it disconnects itself. This applies to IPhones & IPads.
Then he has to go back on the PC, log in to apple, disconnect and re-connect to home share.  Not good Angry
A previous post on here back on May last year by 'ourjon' (who seem to be suffering a similar situation), was answered by Joanne Pilson as follows :-
Hi ourjon,
If you connect wirelessly I suspect it may be that your firmware version needs updating to the latest I can do this for you but you will be offline for about 10 minutes. Let me know when this is convenient for you.
Does anyone know how I can find out if this applies to me? We have recently upgraded to fibre, and everything else works fine.
Before anyone suggests it, yes I did contact Plusnet tech help, but Ben said it was nothing to do with Plus net, so to try posting on here.
If any one can help, it would be much appreciated  Smiley
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Apple T.V home share - frequent disconnections

Hi purplepagan,
That's an issue specific to the Thomson routers, as you're on a fibre connection I don't believe you'll be using one of those? If it's the Netgear model from us it won't be a firmware issue. Have you tried changing the wireless channel in case it's conflicting with one from a neighbour, and is the Apple TV unit fairly close to the router?