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Apache & Mysql

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Apache & Mysql

I've been using Apache 1.3 and Mysql 4 for years on my home network as my webserver and DB. Now, despite the good Mr Zubels recent help I've still not come across a satisfactory way of downgrading my databases from V5 to 4... or at least not one that preserves everything the way I'm happy with anyway.
So.. I'm thinking of upgrading to the Apache 2x range and Mysql5 seeing as most major hosting platforms use them anyway it should make it a doddle to move my sites back onto my home network if I need to.
What new features and advantages are there? - Are there any pitfalls I need to look out for? Any upgrading issues I need to know about? - Presumably Mysql5 will automatically detect v4 tables and update them?
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Re: Apache & Mysql

The one thing i've noticed with Apache2, is it's far far easier to keep track of vhosts and stuff. Also mysql5 will have more security, and stuffs, it's just like upgrading your firefox from version 2 to 3, i guess.
I've always stuck to the latest version of software on my linux servers.
You shouldn't have many issues converting from v4 to v5.
Hope all goes well.