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Another possible AVG8 oddity re Link Scanner

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Another possible AVG8 oddity re Link Scanner

I've been using AVG for some time and have had no particular problems with AVG8.
However, on rebuilding an older slowish PC I noticed that after booting an svchost process was using all the CPU it could get for about 10 minutes. XP SP3 by the way.
Using Process Explorer to investigate it appeared that it might be something to do with Microsoft Update, but there was nothing conclusive.
This behaviour was apparent over several reboots over 3 days and with/without an internet connection - the latter point made me wonder if it was maybe something other that MS Update....
Anyway, I turned off the AVG Link Scanner to speed up "googling" and as a side-effect noticed the startup was now "normal".
Finally after a  few more reboots to confirm the change I turned the AVG8 Link Scanner back on - and startup is still fine!
Anyone else seen this odd interaction?  Crazy
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Re: Another possible AVG8 oddity re Link Scanner

No!..... Have turned off that annoying AVG scanner thing, but never had a problem with the boot up times. Apart from the drop in speed of pages loading with the scanner on, the other annoying thing about it was if you happened to move the mouse over it, and the pop up appears. So it had to go !