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Another of my Akamai whines

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Another of my Akamai whines

As we know, Akamai sites (even those serving content rather than just downloads) are throttled for a number of account types, perhaps especially legacy ones like mine (BB+).
I'm starting to notice more and more sites (forums in particular) are moving over to Akamai hosting, and with it their usability declines dramatically in peak hours.
I've never been one to post rants about how cr*p PN are, or make dark comments about requesting a  MAC, because the price/performance ratio has always been so good and, with the occasional glitch, service has been great for the past 4 years.
But ... it's increasingly unsatisfying to be surfing in the evening, and waiting seconds for pages to load, on an increasing number of sites.

Also, it's a Bank Holiday weekend and the sun's not out; and my knees hurt; and the bath needs a clean but I don't feel like doing it.

And since the forum reorg I have no idea where to post something like this any more