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Annoying Error Message

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Annoying Error Message

Whenever I try to open Control Panel on my easynote notebook i get an error message saying:
To enable the advance sound effect for gaming please make sure the settings of Hardware Acceleratiom is full. The directory as below: Control Panel>Audio>Playback/Advance...>Performance>Hardware Acceleration.
I OK it and do wha t it says and it pops back up over and over. I have to ok it several times before it stops.
Control Panel doesnt open fully until the error mssg closes
Is there any way to stop this annoying error window from popping up?
I dont even want gaming mode
I's appreciate any advice
I'm using XP SP2
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Re: Annoying Error Message

I seem to remember a problem similar to this on the forum before you may want to search for that. First off are you running as and admin? It sounds as if you cant set it as you dont have admin rights. Try going to start find windows explorer right click and choose run as then run it as admin. Having done that goto the control panel within explorer and see if it still happens if it does make the changes it suggest go back to drive c: closing the panel and see if its cured it.
If that fails you need to find whats giving the problem and find it in device manager it will probably be under audio devices if you right click on it you may be able to disable it.
The other solution is to check for new drivers for the device or reinstall the drivers again.
Getting SP3 may solve it as well