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Android Mobile phone and Netflix App.

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Android Mobile phone and Netflix App.

Just a heads up really. For the last few months (on and off) my Android phone has been getting warm during the day and the battery has being going down fairly fast. Didn't really think much of it until the other day, when I knew my phone was 100% charged in the morning and yet, got home to find the phone had shut down. Battery flat.

I put the phone on charge and once it had enough power I decided to see what was using my battery. First up was the Netflix app at 22% and 2nd, WiFi at 23%. Interesting to say the least, as Netflix wasn't even open (not even in the recent screen section). It also reported that Netflix had been using the CPU's for 3hr 30mins. Did a search online and it seems I'm not alone. I don't use Netflix much on the phone, so I uninstalled it.

Left home this morning with the battery at 100%. This evening, it says I still have 1 day and 7 hours battery life remaining. And WiFi usage, 6%, That is one app I shall be steering well clear of.


It does beg the question though, how many batteries have been changed, phones returned, when there is nothing wrong with them. And all down to an app that manages to turn itself back on after you've switched it off.


Whether it affects all phones in the same way, who knows. There certainly seem to be a fair number of posts on the subject. Always assuming you can identify the culprit in the first place. I found it under 'battery' in 'settings'.

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