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Amazon Fire Stick not connecting

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Amazon Fire Stick not connecting



I’ve had an Amazon Fire Stick for 10 months and its being working without any issue, but this week it started to drop connection. I’ve trawled through all the message boards and after trying everything decided to restore factory settings. Now in the process of setting it up again and it won’t connect to the WiFi. I’ve tried to connect by password and WPS and not get the message, could not contact, please check router or another wireless network. 


All my other devices (phone,iPad) are connected to the WiFi  

Anyone have any suggestions?



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Re: Amazon Fire Stick not connecting

Is it connecting to your router? Go into your router's admin settings by putting into the address field of your web browser then enter the router admin password as found on a label on the router. Select the My Network tab and see if the firestick is connected.

As other wireless devices work OK I would suspect that the firestick is playing up. Have you tried both restarting the firestick and resetting the remote control by removing the batteries for a minute or so?

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Re: Amazon Fire Stick not connecting

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Re: Amazon Fire Stick not connecting

Sorry to hear you're having problems with your Amazon Firestick.

My advice would essentially be what @Baldrick1 has said.

Let us know how it goes.

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Re: Amazon Fire Stick not connecting

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