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Am I being hacked??

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Am I being hacked??

My broadband router Dlink DSL-G604T is reporting a number of messages on the System Log with the text "invalid password for `UNKNOWN' on `pts/9' .
This started a few days ago and the messages appear in blocks of 6 or 7 at various times of the day or night and sometimes are only 30 seconds or so apart.
There have been occasions when I have bee unable to connect to the internet although the status of the router shows it being connected OK. This is usually cured by restarting the router.
Can anyone suggest what it is that I am experiencing?
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Re: Am I being hacked??

Well so long as the message is "invalid password" you are not being hacked, although someone might be trying.  To be on the safe side, make sure your router does not allow remote access and that the local acess password is changed to something other than the default password.
There are several different types of "unable to connect to the internet".  For example, earlier today I could not access any web pages because the Plusnet DNS servers were down so the URL of the web page could not be converted to an IP address.  The problem only lasted a short while.  I did not restart my router but if I had done the problem would probably have been rectified by the time I did and I might have (wrongly) concluded that restarting the router had fixed the problem.