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Airplay being blocked by tg582n router?

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Registered: ‎07-10-2013

Airplay being blocked by tg582n router?

I am trying to use philips fidelio wireless speakers. The speakers are connected to the wireless and so is my ipad. I can play music through the philips app on the ipad to the speakers, but the apple airplay feature won't activate at any point. I have been on a few different forums and people are talking about the router causing the problem. They recommend updating firmware on the router turning of something called qos or unblocking ports.  I am willing to try any of these but don't know how to do it. Can you help?
So far I have tried updating all software on speakers and ipad. Turning off the firewall on the router and a lot of switching off and on again. I am going to try and take the  speakers to a friends and try on a different router but not sure when I will get chance to do this.
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Re: Airplay being blocked by tg582n router?

these are the airplay ports need
your router has upnp media server as well this may work better
acording to the manual