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Adsl Filters?

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Registered: ‎25-09-2007

Adsl Filters?

i've had plusnet installed at various premises. i've attached line filters to every outlet that there is something connected to.
however, we are still experiencing problems namely:
1. there is still a buzzing sound on one of the phones we use
2. another premise has reported that the line volume is low
3. our credit card machine struggles to dial out
has anybody come across thes problems?
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Re: Adsl Filters?

What kind/make of filters are you using? Do they tend to be the cheaper ones (£2 -> £3) or the better quality but more expensive ones around £10.
Not all phones work well with cheaper filters, especially digital (DECT) ones where a high quality filter will often solve the problem.
I would recommend getting a few of these for digital phone connections and where you connect your routers/ADSL modems and card machines to see if that improves things.
Posting the line stats for any routers would also help identify if you have good or bad quality lines.