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Ad-aware Anniversary Edition - Problems?

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Ad-aware Anniversary Edition - Problems?

Has anyone tried the free Lavasoft Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition and experienced problems?
I installed it on my XP Home Edition PC having used the free version for a few years without problems but met several issues;
I found that, although programs ran fine for a while, after a short time video files failed to load on being double-clicked. Right clicking and selecting Play With WMP failed. Double-Clicking on the WMP11 icon on my desktop or Start Menu also failed. I checked to see if an instance of WMP was already running using Task Manager and it wasn't.
VLC player also stopped running. A reboot solved the issue for a while then it started again. A full scan with Malwarebytes, SpyBot S &S and AVG Free (all with latest updates) showed no issues at all.
I changed various settings within Ad-Aware with no luck. I then uninstalled Ad-Aware and haven't had the problem return.
Anyone else experienced this or similar?

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Re: Ad-aware Anniversary Edition - Problems?

have had problems with ad-aware on xp computers in the past - was conflicting with other programs somehow (so long ago I forget which)
ad-aware had a deep scan option which I used a few times - came up with 1 or 2 false positives which were in programs I trusted - so I ignored them after originally getting problems when I deleted a file as prompted by it.
all ad-aware ever really came up with was cookies with me - which I could delete via a browser - so I never re-installed it.
sometimes I think some of these utilities come up with warning to justify you having them  Wink
I now have anti spyware built into my anti virus software, Spybot  s&d -- more than enough