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ADSL and 4G setup suggestions

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ADSL and 4G setup suggestions

I'm soon to be moving from a house with 300/40mbps fibre internet to a house with a maximum 30/5mbps internet. Annoying as the houses are less than a mile apart.... 30/5mbps probably isn't enough to support 2 adults WFH and 2 kids streaming and gaming. Therefore I planned to get a wired broadband deal for gaming and streaming and a 4G router and SIM for our WFH needs (combine monthly cost about the same as our 300mbs connection).

My question is I'd like to be have the flexibility to switch between networks anywhere in the house, my first thought was 2 mesh systems but I wondered if anyone with more knowledge than me would have any other suggestions. My current set up is a couple of BT discs back hauled to the router with ethernet cable that provide good coverage everywhere in our little 3 bed house. The new house is 6 bed so I'm wondering what my options might be.

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Re: ADSL and 4G setup suggestions


I would assume you've checked the following to see what's available via the OpenReach network. As you're staying local you'll know if any Alternative FTTP providers are about. Given your post I'd assume there aren't.



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Re: ADSL and 4G setup suggestions

I used to have both ADSL and 4G for a few years, and used a load-balancing router to good effect. Load balancing allows both connections to be used over the same WiFi and ethernet network - devices don't need to know about two different connections. Your existing access points can be used.

Any one device can only connect at the maximum speed of the faster connection, but multiple devices/sessions will share across the two connections nicely.

There can be some issues with the different latencies, but it is possible to lock certain devices or connection types to one or the other of the connections.

You need a router that can either handle both ADSL and 4G, or an ADSL router which also has a WAN connection that can accept a connection from a 4G router or dongle.

I used a Vigor 2860n+, but that is out of date now and newer models are available - not the cheapest, but good solid kit. Other routers are available.

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Re: ADSL and 4G setup suggestions

I used a Vigor 2860n+, but that is out of date now and newer models are available

Still a good piece of kit and still in the firmware support list If the OP is happy to use the existing access points for wireless then you can pick up a basic 2860 ( without wifi ) on ebay for around the £50 mark

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Re: ADSL and 4G setup suggestions

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Re: ADSL and 4G setup suggestions

You could always run a mini-itx system as a DIY windows router / access point and install Nat32 on it which is a software router supporting multiple connections.

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