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A shot in the dark!

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A shot in the dark!

I want to have a cctv camera in my garden to record wildlife & also access on my android phone from anywhere in the world . My main telephone point is installed in my office on the first floor. I have run a cat 6 ethernet outdoor cable from my router down to the lounge on the ground floor several years ago and this works well for the tv.

I have now run an outdoor, waterproof,suitable for burying, cat 7 cable from my lounge out to my garage under my new patio.

I purchased a Netgear GS205 5 port ethernet switch a while ago and I plan to connect the cat 6 from upstairs & the cat 7 from the garage to it and then connect in my tv  and feed the internet signal from my router in my office

I am in the process of researching a full HD 1080P camera to go on the side wall of my garage. I live in a very rural area, no neighbours within range so no worries about infringement of privacy.

Questions: will the images from the  cctv camera be viewable/recordable on my pc in my office upstairs?

                  will I be able to access the camera from anywhere in the world using my android phone?


I do not wish to enter into any plans with any companies and obviously I want my setup to be private.


Thank you




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Re: A shot in the dark!


I suspect that the answers to both of your questions depend entirely on the camera that you buy and what apps and software the manufacturer supplies, or third party software.