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A little bit worrying

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A little bit worrying
A BUNCH of Russian hackers are offering 43 cents for each Mac that their partners in crime can infect with bogus video software.
The move has been cited by insecurity experts at Sophos as a sign that Mac users' security by obscurity days are coming to an end.
While 43 cents is not much, the idea is that it will encourage hackers to target Apple's PCs for recruitment into botnets. Any Ibotnet will probably want a lot of victims, so 43 cents for each smug scalp will work out to a lot of dosh.
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Re: A little bit worrying

...and onwards to Linux Wink

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Re: A little bit worrying

Good thing Snow Leopard includes malware protection then - it only protects against two trojans at the moment, although Apple will obviously be able to update it in the future, and one of the defined trojans is apparently of the video player variety anyway. The take-up of Snow Leopard has been very swift so hopefully that'll prevent most people from getting infected.
Having said that, infection by malware etc. is largely a matter of common sense. I never ran automatic malware or virus checking back in the days when I used Windows 98SE, and I never had any problems - one just needs to be careful, that's all.