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wifi bridge

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wifi bridge

Hi don't know if anyone can help i have been struggling with connecting my youview box to the internet for over 18 months now and just wondering if i can use a wifi bridge, i brought a vonets bridge and set it up ok and i am able to watch iplayer netflix etc but when i come to watch internet tv Disney channel for instance i get an error message and no picture, i am hoping there is a fix for this as every other option i have is not satisfactory.

because my router and phone socket is some way from my youview box having a cable trailing through the house is not an option, i have tried powerline adapters but these keep dropping out this may be due to me having to put them into an extension lead router end as i don't have power sockets near to where my phone line comes into the house.

Hope this all makes sense and please be gentle with me as this is my first post

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Re: wifi bridge

1.  I think it's because your wifi bridge does not support IGMP snooping (for the iptv multicast)

2. Have you tried the powerline adaptors which go directly into the power socket and have another power socket on themselves?

see the picture

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Re: wifi bridge

Yes I have but unfortunately I still have to use an extension lead
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Re: wifi bridge

You will never beat using an Ethernet cable if you can possibly find a route. The length within the context of the average house is not important. For example to get from the Hall to the Lounge TV in my house I installed a cable from the Hall through a wall into the kitchen. Up the back of a tall cupboard then through the ceiling into an upstairs built in wardrobe, up the wardrobe into the loft, across the loft and exited under the eaves behind a guttering downpipe, down the back of the downpipe then through the external wall into the lounge. I then fitted fixed RJ45 sockets at each end. This was an absolute pain to install but it only needed to be done once, it is not unsightly and gives me full 1GHz bandwidth.

If this is a step too far for you then you may get aware with powerline devices. For more information on potential issues with these see : You are quite correct that their performance is dire on the end of the extension lead so what you need to do is fit the router end Powerline device into the mains socket at the plug end of your extension lead, then use the extension lead only for the router. Get the feed through type of Powerline device. You then need a longer Ethernet lead such as one of these: to fit between the Powerline device and your router, this again is not length dependant.

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Re: wifi bridge

@gonzo1970 wrote:

....i have tried powerline adapters but these keep dropping out this may be due to me having to put them into an extension lead router end as i don't have power sockets near to where my phone line comes into the house.


If you are using a filtered extension lead, this blocks the powerline signals (they get filtered out!). You could try the filtered extension and powerline unit both plugged into a non-filtered extension to test.

Regarding the vonets bridge, does it have a "station mode" ie can it be used as a normal WiFi adapter to connect one device to a router. I have an Edimax EW-7416APN (now "obsolete") which will work reliably at N300 using that mode - i do not believe that mode will need IGMP snooping (but I may be wrong!).


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Re: wifi bridge

I have recently set up a WiFi bridge to a youview box using an 
Edimax Mini N300 .EW-7438RPN. 

These have the advantage of supporting WiFi bridging at full link speed.

This is bridged via  Plusnet hub zero on an ADSL link and works fine.


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Re: wifi bridge

What a steal!


1. Go buy this £12.85

2. Flash with this Firmware (Factory-to-dd-wrt.bin) straight from the gui from the ftp below.

After flashing goto and happy days!
Guide if needed

3. Setup client mode



I'm tempted to buy that myself.