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Youview box rubbish signal after a certain time of day + more

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Youview box rubbish signal after a certain time of day + more

OK for this instance just to clarify, the in house digital aerial is fully working. My TV freeview is fine with no errors.
The coax cable in to the wall is brand new out of the packet, and the same cable is wired in to my sons bedroom and works fine (but is not connected to the Youview box)

Our box displays freeview channels with very poor quality, and then stops displaying them after about 5PM. 
I have unplugged turned off the youview box, retuned the TV, everything is fine and as it should be.
We plug the Youview box in, retune, and it and we get the channels which are on our package, all apart from the freeview.

I have phoned plusnet 3 times about this, and on the 3rd occasion I was told it could be the Box with an error. I was told a new one had been placed on order. This was on the 8th of August, and we are still waiting.

Keep being fobbed off by plusnet every time I phone them up, and I wait 45 minutes to speak to someone about this as well.

To top it all off, the home wireless router is [-Censored-].
Excuse the language, but it is so poor if more than one phone uses the wireless connection its almost as fast as dialup modem circa 1994. the range is no more that a 2 metre circle before we literally get 1 bar.
All the support staff assume that everyone is a luddite when they phone, but rest assured, Ive been working with PC's since 1991 and know my stuff.

None of the standard work arounds are working, the dressed up BT Home Hub 4 is load of rubbish. And we have even had a replacement to solve the issue, which hasn't worked.

Not Happy, and for a cheaper price I should have gone with Virgin again.

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Re: Youview box rubbish signal after a certain time of day + more

I'm not clear on the layout - it appears that you have a single cable to two outlets without a splitter/diplexer. Also, does the signal go through the youview box to the TV? If so, what is the TV picture like in that state?

The wireless problem should be repeated in the appropriate forum, as it is not a TV problem.


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Re: Youview box rubbish signal after a certain time of day + more

I also forgot to mention that when we were going through the Plusnet procedures, we disconnected the splitter on the aerial socket so there was only on main connection into the actual box. Smiley