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Youview box cannot get maintenance mode

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Registered: ‎06-07-2020

Youview box cannot get maintenance mode

My Youview box is on the blink.

  • The Apps like iPlayer do not load, click iPlayer, get Loading  and it just returns to the Apps.
  • Some recordings reported errors
  • It is slow to respond at times. Deleting old recordings can take seconds, rather than be instantaneous.

Looking at the options, I should be able to do a maintenance rest by turning on the box  using the switch at the back and with the red light on, press the down arrow for 5 seconds. Nothing happens. If I use factory reset  using the remote I will lose recordings.

I can eliminate other variables as I have an old BT Youview box (no recording facility) which works fine.

The question is are there any other things I can try? 

Have tried calling support twice but got fed up waiting for 20 mins each time. Wish there was a 'You are number X in the queue' message.