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Youview+ Remote Code found for Tesco Blaupunkt 32 TV

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Youview+ Remote Code found for Tesco Blaupunkt 32 TV

I am writing this in the hope those who need this information will look here and find it. It has taken me a month of constant searching to find the answer.
I have tried every code available, and others suggested on various websites and forums, to get my Youview remote to control the TV functions on my Tesco bought Blaupunkt TV and none worked, until now.
Checking the manufacturer details, I realised it is a generic TV made by a company called Universal Media Co, UMC. They sell TVs under lots of different make labels. So more googling found a code someone suggested for a different remote and different TV service provider, but it actually works for Plusnet Youview + too  Smiley
The code is 0556
Follow the instructions Plusnet give, enter 0556 as the code, and hold the TV button for quite a while. It takes over a minute of careful watching. The blue light will be blinking on and off while you hold the button so do not release it or give up. This is essential - you HAVE to release the TV button the very second the TV goes off. If you are a second too slow it still won't work. Be very fast. Let go of the TV button as soon as the TV is off, then wait a few seconds. Then turn the TV back on by pressing the TV button quickly - don't hold it down this time. Check your volume controls work. If they do, you can then press the Select button and that's it all done. It took a few times for me to be quick enough to release the button once the TV goes off but it's worth persisting because this code really does work on Tesco Blaupunkt 32"
Hope this helps someone. Cheers  Smiley
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Re: Youview+ Remote Code found for Tesco Blaupunkt 32 TV

Thank you Saleenia I can now control the volume on my TV with the Youview  remote, although the mute button has stopped working, but hey what the hell the volume works exactly like you said, and you do have to wait the full minute.