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YouView Software Version 29.27.0

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YouView Software Version 29.27.0

YouView have been rolling out their latest software update across BT and retail boxes which is version 29.27.0.


You will find full details here:

Why am I bothering to post this on here for Plusnet users? Well despite YouView saying the latest version of our software should be version 28.26.0, my box updated to the above version 29.27.0, so I guess your box might to!

I have checked the new functionality in the BT version and it's all present. Probably for many the most important feature being the return/addition of the ability to edit/hide channels.

Might be worth checking if your box has updated as mine did without any notification, so I stumbled across the new features when I noticed it now tells me the name of the programme i am going to delete.






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Re: YouView Software Version 29.27.0

Yes the hide channels is back BUT and it is a BIG BUT, it ONLY hides them in the Guide, it DOES NOT DELETE THEM LIKE BEFORE.
So if you are a dedicated channel surfer, like SHMBO, ALL THE CHANNELS ARE STILL THERE. So hiding doesn't really work/work at all for her.
So over 6 months and we still don't have the functionality of the original firmware. PAH!
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Re: YouView Software Version 29.27.0

...and when are they going to allow the (total) suppression of the one-third screen banner that appears for 30s with just about every button press (well, it seems like it) needing "back" to be pressed to remove it?

While I think about it, why do they keep urging me to "use smart mode for a faster start up" when I power up the box from "smart mode - deep sleep"? Crazy3

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