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You view box deleting scheduled recordings

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Registered: ‎27-09-2019

You view box deleting scheduled recordings

Hi all!
Wondering if anyone can solve this mystery.
My you view box is deleting scheduled recordings, I've put to record series and it's also stopped doing that too. BUT oddly it doesn't happen every time, it's hit and miss if something will have recorded or not.
There should be coronation streets and bake off at least in my scheduled recordings and there's nothing!
Someone please help, getting very frustrating having to watch everything on apps and catch up instead.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: You view box deleting scheduled recordings

Hi @Mrst,


I'm sorry that your Youview box is deleting some of your scheduled recordings and for the inconvenience that this is causing you.


If you've not done so already, please can you run through the following steps to carry out a software reset on your Youview box? Please let us know if you've already tried this or if this doesn't resolve the problem. This is a "soft reset" so you won't lose any recordings that you've got saved at the moment.


1) Access Maintenance Mode

  • Power the set top box off using the power switch on the back
  • Whilst holding the set top box's down button, turn the power on again
  • Keep the down button held until the "Enter Maintenance Mode" screen appears. Once this appears, release the down button
  • Press the set box's power button

2) Select the Relevant Option

After approximately one minute, the maintenance mode screen will appear. To navigate the options, use the set top box's up and down buttons, and select the software reset option with the right button.


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 Emily D
 Plusnet Help Team