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Wireless Connectivity of YouView

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Registered: ‎26-04-2014

Wireless Connectivity of YouView

Well, I've just got YV from PlusNet and after having loads of trouble on the beta trial with powerline, I was worried I'd not get this working via wifi (my router and master socket are nowhere near my lounge).  I'm pleased to say I have, and here's how:


I've got a TP-Link TL-WA890EA in the lounge with the YV box and others connected.  Purchased a TP-Link VR900 V2, to replace my BT HH5 (virtually the same thing as the PN Hub One).  I went through the basic setup, enabled IPTV in the settings (just enable, and leave everything else as-is, then SAVE!) and once I got the TL-WA890EA to connect (it took ages for some strange reason) it works like a charm!  I have access to all the multi-cast channels with no drop-out at all.


I think the trick is that the VR900 V2 see the IP address of the devices on the TL-WA890EA.  When I viewed my network map on my BT HH5 it never showed the items connected through the 890EA.  I now see the devices connected, but only as "unkown" - no device names but IP addresses and MAC addresses are present.  There may be other wireless bridges that will do this, but it will be trial and error, as unfortunately the TL-WA890EA is now very hard to get hold of, though some of their WiFi range extenders come with an ethernet port, which might do the job.  As for the router, it has IGMP so it knows where to send the multicast data, and there are others out there that do the same.


I know PN (governed by directives from BT/YouView) don't support WiFi, so if you connect in this way, help may be restricted from PN on connection issues.



Hope this is of help.