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Why does BT Sport activation via SKY take so long?

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Registered: ‎14-09-2016

Why does BT Sport activation via SKY take so long?

OK, you get what you pay for. I signed up for Plusnet broadband as it was cheap and I have had no problems and receive the same speed as I did from Sky...


I asked for BT Sport on Monday (again, you get what you pay for and as this lot are indeed much cheaper than proper companies. Was advised a 48 hour lead time which in 2016 is an absolute joke. Spoke to some person called Ed on Live chat who said he couldn't do it and it has to be the BT Sport team within 48 hours (what the point of him was, who knows). Well it has been 52 hours and naff all has happened. Spoke to another one on Facebook who said they will 'try and get them to look at it'. The infuriating thing, is they are always banging on about how they pride themselves on great customer service, yet both these interactions were the worst customer experiences they could have been!


The next person in twitter said that the queue on livechat shows all queues, not the queue you are in. WT actual F is that about? Why would you show someone their position in an amalgamation of queues that means nothing - show the position of the queue you are in!



Sincerely wish I had read this before signing up:

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