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Why I left Sky for Plusnet TV

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Why I left Sky for Plusnet TV

After nearly 14 years as a Sky customer, I’ve just canceled. I’ve only ever been on the basic Sky+ package but at nearly £30 a month – and with regular price hikes – it began to feel like an albatross around my neck.

The problem was, I couldn’t get rid of it because my kids wanted to watch channels like Disney and my husband wanted Eurosport. How could I save cash but keep everyone happy?

When I first got Sky, the world was a different place with painfully slow dial-up internet and buffering videos, so watching via a satellite made complete sense. But now we have super-fast fibre internet at home and watching video is no longer a tedious experience.

What’s the best way to watch TV with the family?

Sites such as YouTube have become a great place to catch up on old TV shows and all sorts of videos. But for me, TV should be about relaxing together as a family around a big screen.

This led me to experiment with devices such as the Google Chromecast and Apple TV which can send whatever you’re watching on your computer, phone or tablet, and see them on your TV. These worked fine but I felt the content was limited, – although they do offer apps such as Netflix.

What I was after was a way to watch just the channels my family love at the cheapest price. Sky seems to have gone down the opposite route, offering me more and more channels, box sets, on-the-move TV etc.

Can you have too much TV choice?

Sky is Britain’s biggest pay-TV provider with lots of TV options, the widest choice of TV channels and HD channels, from sports including Premier League matches, to the latest blockbusters from Sky Movies, plus catch-up and on-demand TV content.

But it became like how I now feel going into a Tesco hypermarket after discovering the joys of Aldi. There’s just too much choice and it feels like an irritation rather than a benefit.

Ironically it was Sky’s NOWTV service that led me to leave the Sky mothership. It offered me the Disney Channel – meaning happy children! And, for less money than I was paying before, I could now also subscribe to its movie option so we can have as many family movie nights as we want rather than constantly buying DVDs.

I teamed it up with a FreeSat box and, voila, I was free!

But a month or so in, I spotted an email from my broadband provider Plusnet. It seemed to suit my needs more perfectly – Disney Channel and Eurosport (I’d had to pay for a subscription directly from it when I was with NOWTV).

Plus my nine-year-old daughter can now record any programmes she wants. She’s no child of the 1970s like me, happy to wait for the programme to be shown when the TV scheduler decides. She wants to watch what she wants when she wants so her limited tv-viewing time is used to maximum effect.

I’ve only just signed up, so it will be interesting to see how it works out in practice.

Do you think Sky is worth the cost? Have you been able to get the perfect mix of channels for the cheapest price?

If you ever need any help or even need to book a TV Aerial Engineer then just message me and I will get back to you asap.
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Re: Why I left Sky for Plusnet TV

I just left Sky too, been with them since 1992 when I lived at home with my parents.
I had Sky TV (basic with kids channels) and ADSL broadband.
I moved to their broadband from Virgin as I couldn't afford Virgin's fibre and FTTC was unavailable to me.
3 weeks ago they finished building my new cabinet and within a few days I was allowed to order fibre using any of the providers.

Over the past year or so I've really taken note of which TV channels we watch, and apart from the Freeview channels it's just Comedy Central and the kids channels.
This means that Plusnet is ideal, £5 a month gets me comedy central, then an extra £3 for the kids channels. Sky tried to match it all but the lowest they could go was £20, a whole £12 more. They tried to tell me that it's worth it and that "at Sky, TV is king, giving you more choice and better programmes" even though I said I only needed the 2 things. Then there's £20 on top for their basic fibre broadband (I only get 3mbps on ADSL, with 2 kids on Youtube it's not fast enough).

My PN fibre is activated tomorrow, that's when I'll phone up and order Youview with them too as Sky already have my 30 days notice which ends on the 18th.

Currently paying £58 a month with Sky and getting poor ADSL speeds, moving to £36 a month with nearly 20x faster download and upload speeds and the channels we want.

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Re: Why I left Sky for Plusnet TV

Ive tried various routes, BT TV, Freesat, TV Player via AppleTV and Nowtv but i just find Sky so much more polished. At first i hated Q but now after several updates it really starts to make sense. Luckily i seem to attract deal after deal so i’m Paying less than 40 a month for Box sets, Sky Sport, Movies (both in HD) and a second Sky Q box. I don’t smoke or drink and because the hours i work i don’t really have much of a social life. I’m sure as both BT and PN Youview evolve they will pose more of a challenge to SKy and Virgin. At the moment though i just feel content is king.

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Re: Why I left Sky for Plusnet TV

Had Sky for many years, usually the full package including broadband, did the annual dance and got decent discounts (have 40% off sitting in MySky even now!), but basically run out of time to even watch a fraction of the content I had access to.

For us, we watch stuff that is mostly on channels 1 - 5, some football, enjoy the odd movie night and I like a few shows on Fox and Sky Atlantic.


So a base TV package from Plusnet is ideal for us and we supplement it with NOW TV as required.

I like the functionality of SkyQ and appreciate that some will want such a wide range of channels, but I can't see us ever going down that route again. Just want to pay for what we actually watch!