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Weather effecting Youview+ box

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Weather effecting Youview+ box

When it rains the freeview channels become unwatchable through our Youview+ box.  Signal strength is at approx 98% but the quality is down around 58%.  If the aerial is plugged directly into the TV the picture is perfect.  We had a new aerial fitted in January with new cable.  Why is the Youview+ box so poor compared to the tuner built into the TV?  Surely there is a problem with the box.  The box is only just over a year old and has been doing this for several months.  It's only because we've had good weather the last 6 weeks or so that I haven't got round to doing anything about it.  Now it's raining again it's brought it back to the fore.  Online chat is unavailable, twitter is being ignored and I don't have time to hang on the end of a phone for ages.

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Re: Weather effecting Youview+ box

Have you checked the hdmi cable from the box to the tv is not faulty?

Just an idea