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Viewing in HD

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Viewing in HD

I've recently signed up, and this was to include the HD option.
Up to now I am not able to view any channels in HD apart from those included in the 'entertainment pack' but I believe they are delivered over the internet.
I have no HD on any BBC channels for example. I'm thinking it is possibly the aerial. Signal strength for BBC 1 on channel 001 is 58% and signal quality is 100%.
Should I be receiving HD with those signal readings?  I'm happy to upgrade my aerial but don't want to buy a new one if that is not the problem.
Many thanks
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Re: Viewing in HD

The 'HD Pack' delivers the HD versions of the entertainment pack, Freeview HD depends on your location and aerial (and is available independently of your internet channel options).
Put your postcode in the coverage checker on this site to see what you should be getting via Freeview.
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