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Upgrading Youview set top box

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Upgrading Youview set top box

No issue here just a question. I think I am right that at the end of the 2 year contract the Set top box i paid £57.99  upfront for becomes mine. At that point  and as the HDD capacity for recording TV programs is quite small I would like to increase the recording space. Is it possible to replace the HDD with a larger capacity and with an solid state HDD?  Back in the day when i had Sky, I increased the storage on my HD+ from 500Gb to 1Tb and all worked ok. I never tried an SSD as they were very expensive. 

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Re: Upgrading Youview set top box

Don't go off what I've posted, in case this doesn't work.


From my understanding, you own the box once the initial contract is up. The only provider that I know off whereby you rent the equipment is Virgin.

Back in the days of BT Vision (their early dive into the TV market), I did upgrade the HDD for one with a greater storage capacity and it worked very well. It had to be same type of drive. From memory it was a 250GB box and I had to use a western digital green drive. I think I used a 500GB (or at least double the original, if it was indeed a 500GB as standard). It had to be a drive for recording, not a normal storage drive. From memory, an old PC HDD would also not work.

I too never tried a SSD as I don't even know if they were in production back then.

(I did 'recycle' the drive from a better branded PVR, so my costs were nil. Maybe you could look into getting a broken PVR as an experiment?)

I have no idea if a YV box would even take a drive with greater storage and I've never read that anyone else has either done this or got it working.


I suppose swapping the drive may be seen as bending some T's and C's, but you'd certainly lose any warranty (the BTV box did have one of those void seals on the underside) though after 2 years you'd be out of the minimum contract a long time ago (and thus no warranty anyway)

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Re: Upgrading Youview set top box


Hi @DaveCW


@DS is right - the box is yours after the minimum contract term expires.


In terms of upgrading the HDD I have no idea whether this would be possible or plausible and we obviously couldn't recommend that you attempt this. That being said, the box is effectively yours to do with as you see fit after the contract term ends, and if you install something and it doesn't work, you could in theory reverse the process and replace the original HDD.


Best of luck whatever you attempt!


Take care